Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

— Orson Welles

Aaron Paul “meth head”- before and after


Smiley – before and after digital manipulation


Fantasy Night – before and after


Music explosion – before and after


Ghost train rail – before and after

Ghost train rail beforeGhost train rail after

VdV Saving the world – before and after

Saving the world beforeSaving the world after

Checkmate – before and after

checkmate beforecheckmate after

Masked feelings – before and after

masked feelings beforemasked feelings after

The white tiger – before and after

The white tiger beforeThe white tiger after

Imaginary world – before and after

imaginary world beforeimaginary world after

Jay-Z stoned – before and after


The Shipwreck – before and after

The Shipwreck beforeThe Shipwreck after

Bulletproof – before and after

Robert DeNiro bullet proof beforeRobert DeNiro bullet proof after

Crackhead – before and after

Crackhead beforeCrackhead after

Bubble show- before and after

Ellie White umbrella beforeEllie White umbrella after

Smoking hot – before and after

Smoking hot beforeSmoking hot after

Street dancer – before and after

Street dancer beforeStreet dancer after

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